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Thread: Of all 'current' PRS models...

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    Cu 22 AP trem with 57/08s and a flame Maple neck and board. (If they only had a WF and semi hollow option)

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    I was thinkin' about this thread the other night....a Goldtop'd SC245 with the new \m/ pickups in it would suit me quite nicely. Gold hardware and 2012 birds. Man, I'd make that thing scream....
    --Tyler G--
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    I was thinking but then decided to just do it!
    So, I just picked up a Studio and can't get over how nice this guitar sounds. I was looking for a single coil vibe and this guitar totally fulfilled that need.

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    Well, hopefully I'll have my AP 408 by the end of the month (assuming they don't have to start it over a third time...fingers crossed!!!). That's the one I've wanted the most, ever since I first saw the Private Stock Limited Run. I'm dying waiting for that thing to get here...

    After that, it's EASILY gotta be some AP HBII action. Hog neck, maple top/back, ebony fretboard, hybrid hardware with a burnt maple leaf finish...<DROOL>. Most of the shows my band plays are acoustic rock, but it's not always functional to play some of the guitar solos with the limited range on an acoustic guitar. I retrofitted an electric guitar with a piezo bridge/preamp system, but it's crapped out on me (still haven't figured out what went wrong) and I've resorted to running that guitar's mag pickups through an acoustic simulator/DI box. It's passable, but not great. I love the HBII, and that'd fit my current/primary need pretty much perfectly!

    Beyond that, there's really nothing that would fulfill a current "need"...but there's plenty of stuff I'd want to get. Hoping someday soon we'll see the \m/ pickups in a production model or as an option on the AP list (if the latter, there's a Custom 24 with \m/ pickups that's got my name on it!). Someday I *will* do a Private Stock, but that's a long way off...
    Heh...check it out. Under my name, it says "member".

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    I was all ready to get an NF3 before the P24 came out so that would be the one I want, Whitewash with rosewood fretboard and birds or maple with birds.

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