I have a PS from 2006 which I love everything about except for a mistake I made when I ordered it. Back on BAM, the words chambered and semi hollow were used as one and the same. I found out the hard way they are not. I ordered a PS which i wanted to be semi hollow, but used the word chambered on the spec sheet not knowing there was any difference. After waiting 2.5 years for the guitar to show up, I found out there is. The guitar is off the charts in every way, except I always wanted the thicker and true semi hollow body. Would the PTC be able to take my guitar, remove the chambered Mahogany body and put on a semi hollow one? A refin is fine as well. I know it would be quite a job, but the top, brazzy neck fingerboard and everything else about the guitar is absolutely perfect. Would either the PTC or the PS department do this for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.