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Thread: switch tip on a 5 way selector...she likes to move.

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    switch tip on a 5 way selector...she likes to move.


    Has anyone else experienced this? This happened on both my mira and studio.

    what is the best way to remedy this?



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    Not on either of those models, but I did find this on a 513 I owned way back (Miss that but the neck was fat as hell).

    The quickest solution would be to get a small bit of cloth over the metal of the switch and place the tip on top of that. It fills the gap without the need to glue.

    It could be that a new tip could solve it too. The frequent motion has just loosened the space inside. The one i've got on my Mira and cu24 dont have wiggle at all.
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    Don't have any PRS with that switch, but on another brand guitar I used a little bit of electrical tape in the manner Dan described above.

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    works perfect, masking tape or painters tape is good too.

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    I'd just spring for the six bucks at the PRS store and buy a new one. It's likely that the plastic simply has some wear and got a bit loose from being toggled back and forth a bunch.

    In fact, I don't have a loose one, but maybe I should buy a couple of extras just in case for one of my guitars...hmmm...
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    Now that they have ebony tuner buttons, I wonder if ebony switch tips could be next...

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    I don't have that problem yet, but if I do, I will use this Blu-Tack to mitigate it. Just apply small amount on the tip of the blade then stick the tip in. I use this to stick many things in the house (initially bought it to attach my stereo speakers to their stands).
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