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Thread: Mccarty II thoughts?

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    Mccarty II thoughts?

    I've heard mixed reviews... What are your thoughts on the MVC and the tonal options compared with a custom / mccarty? I guess there has to be a good reason why they were discontinued. I was looking to snag one for $1500 (10 top + moons) but wasn't sure if its a good buy either for an investment or for the tone.

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    I always thought it seemed like a cool idea and every demo I heard was impressive. I'm guessing it got discontinued for one reason and one reason only: it wasn't selling...
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    As an investment, I probably would look for something else. But if you're buying it to play, if it's in decent shape and you like the guitar, price seems fair.

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    I liked the fact you have active pickups that give a more powerful sound similar to a strong single coil but are the non MVC tones same as mccarty I's? I have only heard good things about the 245 pickups (though again it seems they're discontinued)

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