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Thread: Navarro Sig question

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    Navarro Sig question

    I'm checking out an ad for a 2005 Dave Navarro Sig model (not SE). I'm not well versed in the "things to look out for" with regard to PRS fakes but in checking the pics of the offered guitar against ads for the new ones I'm seeing some minor differences.
    A couple of things I've noticed different from the ad to the ones I see commercially advertised (new ones)
    The machine heads on this 2005 are closed, not open gear like I'm seeing in the ads for new ones.
    The truss rod cover does not have anything showing (no "Dave Navarro") Could it be flipped?

    What are the primary differences between a 2005 and current models?
    I also understand the neck carve is different. Can anyone speak to the differences?


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    The best bet would be to post photos because from text alone, there is no way of knowing what was done. Tuners and covers could be switched so it doesn't automatically mean they are fake. The only difference from a 2005 and anything after is that it may have a Brazilian rosewood board. It doesnt change or add to the value in my opinion, just a nifty little addition.
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    Here's the ad. Assuming the guitar is legit it seems like a pretty decent price.

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    Since I'm a new user I can't post pics directly. I tried posting the ad I'm looking at but it may be against this forum's policy and my message was not posted (or is awaiting admin approval).

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    2005 guitars had closed gears. The open gears started around late 2010 or early 2011. You'll notice that with a 2005, the control knobs are probably the speed knobs instead of the lampshades, too.

    People change TRCs all the time, so I wouldn't worry there, but if I recall the model names on the TRCs came later in the decade as well.
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    Also, it has the old finish, pre-V12. Old birds probably, there have been two or three revisions to the birds since 2005. New ones probably have HFS/VB with squabbins instead of round bobbins.
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    That sounds right for a 2005 - It should have old birds, nothing on the truss rod cover, closed back phase II tuners, and a brazilian fretboard too Im pretty sure.

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