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Thread: PRS SE Custom Help

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    PRS SE Custom Help

    I am new to the forum and I need help on my guitar. I have a 2005 SE Soapbar II, it is great! But I just bought a 2006 SE Custom in good shape that has had somekind of no name humbucks installed (for what reason I can't figure out) Wires to the volume, tone and 3 way have been spliced from each pickup inside the back cover. (?) I just got original PRS G & B Zebra pickups with original long leads to solder in place. The neck pickup has white outer covering w/ white and ground wires at the end of the wiring to attach to volume, tone and 3 way switch and has heat shrink on each one,( I guess factory done) The bridge pickup has yellow outer covering w/ white and ground to attach to volume, tone and 3 way also. I need help to attach them to the right components. I also don't know if the tone pot is supposed to be push/pull either. PRS does not have anywhere for SE models in the factory support. HELP! I have worked on in the past my Fender, Peavey and Ibanez guitars. But now that I have sold most over the years and have seen the light with PRS SE guitars. (hope to own a PRS someday) Anyway, I need advice/diagram for getting my Custom right! Thanks for the help!
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