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Thread: August Special Pricing

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    August Special Pricing

    We are having our August Anniversary extravaganza. Special mark downs that are "too low to print". The following is what I have available with serious savings. If you see something on my list that you are interested call, email or send a PM.

    Angelus Cutaway
    25th CST24 Vintage Yellow
    25th CST24 Matteo Mist
    P22 Artist Blue Crab Smokeburst
    GC 48th CST24 Artist Maple Abalone Smokeburst
    Tremonti Faded Blue Burst
    DGT Yellow Tiger 10 top
    25th ME Teal Black Trem
    25th ME Angry Larry Trem
    CST24 IRW neck Antique Natural
    CST24 IRW neck Solana Burst
    Paul's Guitar Faded Blue Jean
    25th Mira Soapbar Sapphire Smoke Burst
    Mira X Sepia
    25th McCarty NF Scarlet Smoke Burst
    CST24 Fire Red 10 Top 3-way switch
    CST24 Black Cherry 10 Quilt
    Santana Angry Larry
    Studio Trem Vintage Sunburst
    Stripped 58 Purple Hazel
    DGT Black Moons
    DGT Frost Blue Birds
    Swamp Ash Studio Experience Desert Foil
    Ted SC245 Sunburst
    CST24 Gold Top
    Ron Lucas
    Guitar Center Cincinnati

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    I saw the pricing at GC Sherman Oaks when I was in there last week... It was like "used" pricing on NEW guitars - REALLY good deals
    If I thought I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of myself!

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