Finally got a chance to see these guys live a couple nights ago. I've communicated with Bryan Beller for a number of years now, and I still remember the bass clinic when he told me this band was going to happen and how excited he was. He was right - they're smoking tight. Marco Minnemann is an awesome drummer, and, being guitarists, I probably don't have to tell you anything about Guthrie Govan. Is there nothing that guy can't play? At a different clinic, Bryan told a story about how Marco wasn't sure anyone could really play "Bluesf*ckers" because of how complex it was, and as they walked into their rehearsal space, Guthrie was there practicing it - at double the speed.

It was great to see them draw a full house of enthusiastic people - they went over big time. Bryan and I have kind of joked about how he couldn't seem to draw crowds here, but this night he finally got the audience he deserved here. Great mix of music from both studio albums, including several of my favorites, including "Flatlands", "Bluesf*ckers" and an epic "Sweaty Knockers". Marco told a great story about the song "Ohhh Nooo". Seems the band was pushing their gear up a ramp to the stage when Guthrie's amp when over the side. That bit is nearly cut out of this video, but the rest of the story is here, if a bit difficult to hear (FYI - a couple NSFW words).

Got to meet Marco and Guthrie afterwards and talk to Bryan. All three are just absolute gems. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I told Guthrie my goal was to someday play six notes as cleanly as he did. He paused for a second, then said, "Well, we all have our journeys with the instrument." Beautiful!

If you get a chance, it's well worth seeing these guys. If I had the energy for an 8-hour round trip this weekend, I'd be off to see them again. But I'll see Marco and Bryan in about six weeks as part of Joe Satriani's band.

Couple pics...

With Marco:


And Guthrie:

There was a TV behind Bryan on stage. At one point while they were tearing it up, I looked over to see Phil Collins singing over Bryan's shoulder: