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Thread: Have you modded your PRS amps in any way?

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    Have you modded your PRS amps in any way?

    I have read that Doug and his team have built custom amps with things like reverb, effects loops, and half power switches. Are any of your PRS amps modded in any way or are they stock design?

    If you do have a modded amp, what did you have done and how did it turn out? Also, did PRS do the work or did you do it yourself?

    Just curious what people are doing with these amps.

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    I'd PM Em7. Extremely knowledgeable person to converse with in regards to PRS amps and mods.

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    Does turning a knob count as a mod?
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    Switched my 2 channel custom from 6l6s to EL34s. Very happy with the change!
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    Too many PRS to list in 5 lines...

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