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Very nice NGD indeed....hope you get a blanket for the dog house lol
OMG..that's AWESOME!
Paul, are you listening (Shawn, tell him)? You gotta add a doghouse blanket to the real $$$$ PRSs.
You know how Gibby has those little satin(?) cover slips in the cases? Well just add a little (airline size) blanket with a pic of a doghouse and maybe a Bulldog (or better yet, inline with the PRS book of birds and the Peanuts...a little birdie on top of the doghouse) and the words PRS DOGHOUSE BLANKET on the top of the blanket.

I know Paul likes to smile and laugh...don't know if he has THAT much of a sense of humor, or if he wants a joke in his cases but I think it's a pretty awesome idea.
Heck, if it's a Dragon or something, might as well throw-in an actual doghou...no, a HOUSE for the price of one of those things. They have surely been the instigators of a divorce or two?

Anyway...sorry for the sidetrack. The OP guitar is definitely drool material (and maybe divorce material).