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Thread: Hollowbody II Piezo Question

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    Hollowbody II Piezo Question

    I played a Hollowbody II at Northfield Music in Pittsford, NY that has me seriously GASsing for one. It's 2013 and is the basic Hollowbody II.

    The piezo in it seems to sound (and I know this is a subjective word) better than earlier HBIIs I've played. Indeed, I went to the local GC and played a couple of older ones (2009, 2010) and the piezo didn't sound nearly as good to me.

    So, the question... have they changed the system for 2013? Is 2013 the same as what's in 2012? 2011?

    Anyone have the answer?



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    Haven't played the HBs yet (really want one too). Closest I have currently is my P22. I'm not sure if the HB piezo was changed, but from my experience with other piezo systems (Ibanez, Godin, Parker, Brian Moore), I've found string gauge and brand/composition can make a big difference sometimes. Is it possible the older ones you tried were pre-owned and someone had changes the strings from factory spec? Just a guess if it turns out that the piezo system in the HB II has not changed.

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    PRS did change the piezo system recently. I have a SCHB with the old system and when I tried the P22 at 2012 Experience I was blown away. So I asked PTC to replace the piezo system for me. The old and new one are made by LR Baggs and I was very happy with the older piezo version, but the new one is just amazing

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    I think Shawn posted that they switched the HBs to the same piezo system as the P22 about the same time the P22 came out.

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