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Thread: Quit the band tonight

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    I'm going through it now. I had polio as a youngster and I've limped all my life, but I never let it get in the way of getting stuff done. Made my living playing for years, and actually used to stand up to play, 4-5 sets a night, 6 nights a week. In the late-'70's, when I was in my late 20's, a bandleader asked me if I'd consider using a stool onstage--I did, and never looked back. About eight years ago, I started getting arthritis in my right knee, and by 2010 it had gotten so bad that I could hardly get around, much less carry my gear. So I quit the band I'd been playing with, quit my guitar teaching day gig, and got the knee replaced about 2-1/2 years ago. Fixed the pain--and it's great not to have that pain--but it threw my balance off even further. I'm getting around OK--I have to be really careful when carrying stuff (like gear}, and unless a bandstand has steps with a railing, I'm going to have a really hard time climbing up on it. (And I used to be able to climb up on things like flatbed trailers!} I'm facing the possibility that I may never gig again. I can still play, but the logistics are getting tougher to deal with. I'd hate to think I'm washed up at 62--Les Paul played until he was in his 90's.

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    Keep going. That's the key phrase for all of us. At my ex-wife's insistence, I took 20 years off to work, be a father, renovate a house, etc. 12 years ago, I decided I was punishing myself and started playing again. I love being a father, but there is a balance in life we all need. My 19 year old now wants to be a professional musician, even after seeing all I go through to deal with being a single parent, a day job, gigging, and physical problems. We can't quit, it's in our DNA. Everyone who knows me knows my motto "Playing any kind of music anywhere beats not playing any kind of music anywhere."

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