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Thread: Which PRS pickup combination best works for you?

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    Which PRS pickup combination best works for you?

    In continuation of my love for the DGT pickups, I'd love to try 57/08 Bass and DGT Treble pickups in a DGT configuration!

    Share you combination and impressions and PICS!

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    This'll be fun!

    I'm boring, and almost always keep the stock pickups on my guitars (figuring I bought the guitar because I liked the tone).

    But always interested in what others are doing.
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    The DGT pickups are great and I love my DGT just the way it is, but I am curious about the DGT bridge and 57/08 or 59/09 neck combos.

    Also I hear great things about a 59/09 bridge and 57/08 neck combo.

    And of course everyone loves the 57/08 pickups and the mighty 408 pickups, which I have personally experienced how great they are, thoroughly enjoyable (NGD thread coming).

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    I love the old 5-way rotary on my 2008 Cu24. I like the HFS/VB combo but I replaced them with Dragon II pickups to get a little more vintage tone out of the guitar while retaining most of the gain. I am halfway considering putting the HFS/VB back in.

    Honestly, I haven't been really wow'd by the newer PRS pickups. The 57/08s sound great in the HBII, and I think that's the most positive single change to the entire PRS lineup since 2010. But in other guitars they leave me cold.

    I sure would like a covered HFS/VB. Seriously considering doing it myself, although I know it will change the tone of the pickups; hopefully not too much.

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    I got a DGT bridge and a 5909 neck on my SCHB and couldn't be happier. Sweet combo

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