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Thread: S2 Custom 24... meh

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    Ok I guess I'll bite lol

    I'm really keeping my eye on the s2 cu24 . I already have a dgt and I think the cu24 might fit the bill for a backup guitar and just another color to the spectrum. I really don't think Paul would put his name on something if he thought it was crap, look at the video of him explaining the se line. For the money , $1325 at long and Macquade might just hit home with me. I rather buy this then another brand because it has someone's name in it that has a passion for building. Maybe the wood isn't as good or maybe the hardware isn't as good as the core line however things can always be changed down the road. I'd really like to try one out personally and honestly, I don't care what others think, it's my money and I'll do what I want with it. Seeing pics is one thing, seeing it for yourself is another. It's not like we see the guitar when we play it anyways. Lol

    My daughter dislikes prs because she does not like the way the body hugs her however I let her try my dgt. She had a serious problem with giving it back and now has changed her mind towards prs. With that said, she might like an s2 cu24 because its light, and looks more towards an ibanez or esp. With any luck I'll be heading to long and Macquade sometime this week or next weekend to try one out as they have a grey/black one on stock. If it comes home with me then well, I guess it was meant to be hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantankerousCarl View Post
    Get it Len...but I'm pretty sure that if we took the "fancy tops and the bling" out of our little forum here, we'd have about 50% less posts. How many posts have sound clips vs. photos? How many threads are devoted to us (me included) gushing and posting photos of our beautiful babies?
    Well, the difference is that the S2s are not supposed to have the fancy tops and bling. They're designed to be more about the intangibles.

    The "duh" part is that It's not really logical to judge a guitar line on looks that is intentionally not designed to compete with the other models on appearance. I see the S2 as a workingman's guitar, in both intent and looks.

    In fact, I think that the plainness is part of the appeal of the S2s, but I can see where others might not find that appealing.

    I've tried to make my own posts about both the sound and the looks, and have posted links to clips with all of my guitars.

    Here's my feeling about veneer tops: Clip-on tie vs. real tie. Both can look fine. But one's, you know, not actually a tie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Well, the difference is that the S2s are not supposed to have the fancy tops and bling. They're designed to be more about the intangibles.
    This. They're basically the "Studio" model equivalent to the Gibson LP Standard, which is the equivalent to the Core line Custom 24. You don't get Gibson to put fancy flame tops on it, but it does the job exactly how a LP should be. It's just the looks that you have to get over, unless you're hard-pressed on getting a strictly-flamey tops only collection. Personally, I find the plain jane Black PRS without the figured top to be very attractive as well!

    Here's the S2 with a CE, which the S2 is "spiritually" replacing.

    Beautiful, aren't they? Haha

    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Here's my feeling about veneer tops: Clip-on tie vs. real tie. Both can look fine. But one's, you know, not actually a tie.
    This too. Very wise words indeed
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    My Bottom Line:

    S2s seem like a great idea... they seem to work well with the Starla and Mira lines, but they don't really translate well with the Custom line. I wanted to have warm feelings for the S2 (I knew I would not want to buy one) but if you can't gel with the neck (Which I knew right away) then there's not really a point to plugging it in. To be honest... when I buy a guitar I buy it off of Feel and the unplugged sound... If I can't gel with that then I put it down... I don't generally try them out on an amp until I get home... I know what my amps sound like... I don't want to plug into an amp that I'm not sure of and dislike the guitar based on that. When I bought my last Custom 24 I loved the feel and sound of it unplugged... I didn't like the colour on the guitar... but I kept coming back to that to play it... so I bought it... then loved the colour. Tops aren't essential to a guitar... but they can really get your heart pounding. The S2 Custom had a very nice colour... the top looked "swampy"... but if the neck had the proper feel then I would have sat down with it and played it acoustic... Nevermind the price... if it ain't got that feel then it's not for you! If you pick up up a guitar and that neck fits you perfectly... then proceed... I know personally Wide/Thin never worked for me... that's why I stuck with the 22 fret models for so long... then Pattern/Regular came out... Custom 24's are brilliant now! The S2 is supposed to have a Pattern/Regular neck... this one did not feel right (might have slipped through the factory somehow) it felt fatter and hollow... that's my impression of the S2 Custom...
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    Then pull your big girl panties up and move on lol jk

    It's all about marketing :
    Se..entry level ( I've played a few and far from a beginner guitar)

    S2...mid level a taste of a usa prs

    Core line...prs at its soul purpose, beauty (inline or exceeds Gibson custom shop standards )

    Private Stock ... this is where dreams come to life

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    I would agree with the tie analogy, but I do think that most people who want a PRS guitar, particularly a CU24, would like a nice top.

    I think the appeal of the S2 CU24 is limited compared to the other S2 models due to the lower grade top.

    You could use the tie analogy to compare the S2 CU24 with a core model CU24 don't you think?

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    I think this all boils down to the age old "form vs function" argument. The S2 line has been built with budget, and therefore function in mind. That isn't going to sit well with guys and gals that look for form over, or as well as, function.

    Perhaps this conversation point will just go around in circles since it's a core values deal, if you care about a fancy top, then you're not going to consider a S2, and if you don't care, then you might pick one up and see how it plays/feels.

    I don't even own a guitar with a 10-top (any more), and the best sounding guitar I have doesn't even have a maple top.

    I will consider a S2 for my daughter but that's a while away yet. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play one before then.

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    I do love the Mira but I really don't like that pickguard. Wish there was a no-pickguard option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado View Post
    You could use the tie analogy to compare the S2 CU24 with a core model CU24 don't you think?
    No. A clip on tie is a pretend tie. Like a veneer top pretends to be a solid top.

    The S2 top is real all the way through. It's not a top that's pretending to be what it isn't, i.e., fancy.

    Call it a plain black tie, if you will, compared to an Armani silk tie. But it's not a clip-on.
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    My point is, the S2 Custom is not a real custom. It's pretending to be something else. They should have left the Custom 24 as core and SE. The S2 custom just muddies the waters.

    The lines between SE and core are very clear. Korean/American. Now we have another American-made Custom that isn't quite a Custom. It definitely blurs things a little more.
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    It's quite interesting that this is raising so much passion in people. Do some feel that PRS is becoming diluted in some way by trying to secure the financial future of the business and encourage new owners of the brand with lower price point models. We just have to accept that not everyone likes or even looks for the same things in their gear. It isn't better or worse, it's just different.

    Essentially Gibson shouldn't make the 'Studio' models and Fender shouldn't make the 'American Specials' because they deviate from the construction/materials/design of the 'Standard' models.

    It's a brave new world and we just have to get used to it. I personally welcome it. (now retires behind sand bags and waits for flak)

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    What if they called it S2 C24 instead lol.
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    Call me crazy but I am very excited at the current state and future potential of the S2 line..

    I can't help but wonder if we will see some S2 sig models. Think about it, an S2 Santana or maybe an S2 Tremonti for the singlecut guys... I think it would be hella cool.

    And regarding the current 3 models, I wanna get my paws on a Mira in Vintage White or Sienna!!! The recent NStuff demo put me over the top on that one. The pickups sound very nice and that was my biggest concern with the line as a whole.

    I may come off like a Kool-Aid drinking fanboy but I'm so ok with that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado View Post
    My point is, the S2 Custom is not a real custom. It's pretending to be something else.
    No, it's not pretending to be a Custom at all. It's purposely carved differently. The use of the word, Custom, in the name S2 Custom, doesn't mean that PRS is attempting to fool anyone or somehow duplicate what a Custom is.

    If they were trying to do that, they'd carve it like a Custom and use a veneer top.

    Fact is, the S2 Custom is a very honest instrument, not pretending to be anything other than what it is at its very core. That's a good thing, in my humble estimation.
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    Fair points, though to me, it would be pointless buying the S2 custom when the core model can be had for a little more.

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    I'm gonna have so many of these S2 Customs with diamond encrusted S's in the future... I can smell it.

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    Desperado, I don't know if "twice the price" really qualifies as "a little more."
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    That's not actually true, i know we aren't allowed to discuss prices so I can't say much more. But, I just recently purchased a guitar from a company which had a number of 2011 models which were VERY close to the S2 custom price.
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    There will be plenty of guys who stretch their budget to get a US-made S2 knowing they can upgrade to US hardware as they get older and/or their financial situation improves.

    The SE's are great guitars but some folks just refuse to own/play a Korean guitar. The S2 line is ideal for that crowd.

    There will always be people who will say "Man, I just don't get it". But it doesn't mean a hill of beans to those who do. So why bother with the back and forth debate? It's not like PRS is going to read one of these posts and say. "Welp, that's it fellas, shut it all down."

    Buy one or don't. Problem solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LotsOfPeople View Post
    I wanted to have warm feelings for the S2 (I knew I would not want to buy one)
    This quote isn't from just member Gibson67v... I have seen this sentiment in so many places. People have decided before ever picking one up that they are going to hate the S2 line

    I get it when someone picks up a guitar and the neck feels off, or they don't like the way it feels when they play it acoustically. Or after they plug it in, they don't like the tone or the controls. Maybe they have a pathological hatred of blue guitars. That's a hands-on evaluation that is failing during the process. That's way different from deciding a pickup will sound inferior before you ever hear it in person.

    I don't really care if someone likes or dislikes a guitar... what I find both interesting and baffling is that people would limit their OWN choices with little to no real information before ever really exploring those choices.

    Gibson67v - this is not directed at you personally - I'm just saying that this is not the first time I have heard things like this and it truly makes me scratch my head.
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