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Thread: 408 or P22?

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    408 or P22?

    I have found two NOS guitars at two different stores. Both are deeply discounted and look and play great. I can't afford both and am torn which way to go.

    P22 non 10 top but looks like it really should be
    408 with a green finish and more of a curly top rather than flame maple.
    Both are new older year models that have been sitting so 1000 or more has been taken off price. The P22 is 100 more than the 408
    I only play at home and use my Mac and guitar rig 5 for software so not sure how much I'm going to really get out of the P22.

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    If the reason you're considering the P22 is the piezo pickup, I would say don't bother. It will NEVER sound like an acoustic. I would advise you to go with the 408, if you're more interested in that one as purely an electric guitar over the P22?

    ...And then get an PRS SE Angelus for your acoustic sound! ;-)

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    How NOS are we talking? The P22 could be great if it's got the 53/10s (2012 model), but is probably still good even with the 57/08s. I wouldn't sell the acoustic sounds of the P22 short. Through an acoustic DI into your recording console, I doubt most people would ever be able to tell the difference. However, I do find the piezo more useful as a live-playing tool than a recording tool, as it lets me switch between acoustic and electric settings without having to change guitars. In the studio, switching guitars is not really a big deal and playing an actual acoustic allows you to mic the guitar and use that sound in conjunction with a piezo/DI sound, which is definitely not an option on the P22.

    The 408 could be a better choice if you want a wider variety of single-coil tones since you can use each pickup individually as a single-coil. The only single-coil sounds on the P22 use both pickups together, so you can't get a soloed neck single-coil sound like you could on the 408. If you don't use single-coil sounds very much, then I would probably get the P22.

    Great news, won't make a bad choice either way you decide. Each guitar has it's advantages, but both are outstanding instruments.
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    Sound like a win win you can't go wrong
    I do really like my 408
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    I love my 408, but really the question is whether you want to have the piezo acoustic tones. If memory serves, Guitar Rig has a very good acoustic guitar simulator preset.
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    I have both, you really can't go wrong with either one.
    I'd say if you want more versatility and a bit hotter sound, go with the 408.
    If you want the piezo, and are into bit more mellow sound, go with the P22(By NOS I'd assume a '12 with the 53/10's).

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