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Thread: Wanting to turn my HXDA head into a 1x12 combo:

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    Wanting to turn my HXDA head into a 1x12 combo:

    So my wife and I are relocating our business from CO/KS border to North Austin. I'll no longer be in a band (at least for awhile) so she's harping on me to downsize and get rid of some of my speaker cabs. I said no way on getting rid of one of my Category 5 amps or HXDA. I've been in touch w PRS to turn my HXDA into a 1x12 combo so that I can at least take it easily to a jam and also not have it take up too much room wherever we end up living. I had a speaker question. The HXDA has a 16 ohm speaker out. I have a couple different 16 ohm Reinhardt speakers laying around. Can I just use one of these in the new combo or should I get an new 8 ohm speaker ---does it matter? Thanks!

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    That idea of a more portable 1x12 version of the HX/DA is very appealing, as long as it wouldn't sacrifice too much in the way of tone? Lugging my 4x10 combo last night through the labyrinth to where we set up to play had me really thinking about a 1x12...covered in paisley of course.

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