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Thread: Only took 6 and a half months. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad737 View Post
    To be honest, I don't really dig the neck pickup that much in humbucking mode. Split is a different story entirely. It sounds fantastic. I pretty much leave it split all the time. Full bridge and split neck sounds great together.
    Interesting you say that...I have found myself leaving the neck pickup split most of the time on the 408 Brazzy, whereas I leave it in full bucker on my Siggy. To my ears, the added low end from the rosewood overpowers some of the roundness of the bridge pickup - so for bluesy type soloing when you dig in, the split position brings it out more.

    My Siggy is a more midrangey, aggressive sound, so on full bucker the neck really blooms and gives you that sound.

    Neck split bridge full middle position is my favorite on both guitars. What a great system.

    BTW that top is gorgeous, butterscotch AND chocolate congrats!
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    Very nice, Brad! I just got my 408 Brazilian last week, too. I'd have to agree with you that it's all about the Brazilian neck and pickups. I picked up an Orange Tiger quilt top trem with pattern neck carve and I love it! The wide-fat neck carve is my favorite as well but the patten carve is really close. Congrats, man!

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    Congrats! I think the top looks gorgeous!.

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