Right after I bought my H&K amp a buddy of mine who just started playing offered to trade me a Mustang III amp for my Boss GT-6. I figured I would do it anyway so I could check the amp out.. While there were things I liked about the GT-6, there was a whole lot I didn't care for.

I had initially thought I would get individual pedals and build a board.. but I hate the practice of stepping on multiple pedals for a solo and I'm not really that into static (on/off) effects anyway, and Oh.. the cables, batteries or power supply... So much crap, and so many chances for things to go wrong and get broken!

Instead I figured I would check out the Line 6 m9 or a Zoom g3 or something all-in-one just for ease of transport and setup, and to just try something new. So I checked out a butt load of videos on YouTube and went to SamsAss only to come home empty handed, and totally uninspired with what is out there in the multi-effects world these days.

A batch of margaritas later I'm on ebay looking at tuner pedals and I bought the same thing (kinda) that I had been using before I got the GT-6.

(Fuzzy Sergio pic... bite me Eric and Justin)

These things are pretty "Playskool" as far as "professional" multi-fx processors are concerned, buy there's nothing except maybe an AxeFX that can do continuous controllers quite like these old Digitech units can. I can set up any and every effect parameter to the wonky treadle pedal which is way easier to dive for on stage than hovering over individual pedals. I have it set so that when the pedal is in the heel position it's just a straight clean tone with a little compression. When you rock the pedal forward (toe) it gradually increases the distortion, lowers the noise gate threshold, increases the master volume, and mixes in delay for solos. Move it back to heel position and the delays still carry over the clean tone... All for $64 including shipping!

Why did I think the grass was greener?

Anybody else get rid of something just to wind up buying the same thing again, and end up being really happy? (While feeling a little stupid at the same time.)