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    can anyone tell me the tone differances between a mccarty style body hollowbody, and a single-cut style hollowbody. (outside of the different pups) also, what is the tone of a spruce top hollowbody. thanks

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    I like my McCarty Hollowbody Spruce. It has a great, clear tone when being played heavily distorted and tuned down. I think there's one other person on this forum who has a Spruce HB as well.
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    I have a Spruce McCarty HB. I'm sure solacematt and I aren't the only ones, in fact I bet Markie has three or four.

    I cannot compare it to any other HB, maple-topped double-cut McCarty style or single-cut.

    I like the tone of my Spruce HB, it is the right tone of pseudo-acoustic mellow for what I need through the piezo, and the archtop pups (I think they're archtops...) are just laid back enough for the "electric" sounds I want out of this guitar, but work very well through dirt pedals or the dirty channel of my amp.

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