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    Weird. I hit "reply with quote" but it doesn't appear to have included the quote I was replying to it is from Alister:

    Ha ha! ;-) No honestly it was meant to be for Xmas - I've been dropping hints for months to my wife that I would love the SE Navarro for Christmas but saw such an amazing deal on one the other day it had to be snapped up! Love the neck on the SE Navarro so comfortable and smooth. I guess as its 3 months til Xmas I may have to drop some hints about gold Phase IIs :-) ah man I bet the 59/09s sound epic in your Tremonti SE - post a pic I'd love to see it! Can't wait to get my SE CU 24 back. Will be like a new guitar! Really interested to see what the middle position will sound like with the 59/09 and Dragon II combined. Has anyone tried that?

    I just checked photobucket for pics of my Tremonti SE Custom and the only ones I have are "pre-pickup swap" photos. It doesn't look much different and the guitar itself is just a normal looking Tremonti SE Custom in black/gray flame. Tight flame...would be a 10 if it was a US slabtop with the same tight flame.
    So...just imagine a regular looking black gray one but with a 59/09 squabbin in the neck and a Duncan CC in the bridge. but....imagine that the guy who swapped the bridge pup was colorblind or just has NO taste. The CC is a black and blue bobbin pup. One navy blue bobbin and one black. Ewwwww. No seriously...EWWWWWW
    You cant see it at a distance though...nor can you tell that it has a squabbin in the neck, nor can you even see the figuring. I think I "undid" everything else I had done...well I removed the tremol-no. The nut you cant see. Oh..I still have the electrical tape covering the SE on the headstock. Did I mention I'm an IDIOT? also can't tell that it has Shaller M6 lockers on it from looking at it either. That was an unnecessary mod that I left in place. Speeds up the changes. are you enjoying the 59/09 in the neck? Is it a Treble (bridge) or Bass (neck) pup? Mine is the Bass.
    Man...I'm not even joking around. I haven't tried a 53/10 and they get a LOT of neck pickup love but the 59/09 in the neck of the Tremonti...OH MY GOD!! Sorry Narrowfield equipped Studio. You haven't seen more than 2 hours of play since May. I feel terrible but....I sure don't SOUND terrible..NOT that you do or did. I still wanna be great friends. It isn't's those damned 59/09s.
    Buddy bought a cheap old Ibanez recently and he put P90s in it. All he keeps saying is "you GOTTA hear the Ibanez". I kept saying stuff's more the AMP you're hearing. I love P90s too gotta hear this PRS!!!
    I swear, never have I been approached by so many guitarists that an SE??? :-O It sounds INCREDIBLE! Even better than the USA PRSs you played. Well ok...I've never before been approached by ANY guitarists asking about the SE...cause I never had one before. I mean I have just never been complimented or asked about my tone so much.

    Like I said..I haven't tried a 53/10...or a 57/08 in the neck position of a guitar. Maybe they are even more awesomer(?lol) but I can't see it...HEAR it...I cant HEAR it!
    Back to thee thread SE is I suppose what some might say is "heavily modified" but it isn't really and the mods that are done, didn't NEED to be done at all. Even the SE245 pickups were fantastic. The stock nut worked perfectly for .009s and the locking tuners did nothing to improve tuning with heavy trem use and big bends. The trem works as well as ANY non locker but it IS a non-locker. Not removed the tremolno and the bar and now I just play it like a Les Paul or fixed bridge SC. I would put my SE up against ANY Les Paul...or SC...or electric guitar. In fact..I had a late '80s LP Studio a couple of years ago. I buy one pretty much annually trying to bond with them but never works. I sold the LP to my drummer. It's beautiful and awesome sounding and playing. I'm gonna ask him to bring it to rehearsal tonight to have a wee battle. But...since Halloween is coming and I have some DR NEON coated strings to put on, that are going on today...they might give the LP an unfair advantage. Either way I should be back with a battle report/debriefing later tonight.
    Sorry for the rant.
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