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Thread: Strange dreams!

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    Strange dreams!

    I have been on a course of tablets for a while now and I keep getting strange dreams.

    I had the strangest one just then,
    I was playing my beloved alder ce24 and I looked at it and seen the headstock had been snapped and repaired badly I freaked out, next thing I know the upper horn broke right off in my hands and it fell to pieces! I remember being in the middle of Glasgow with pieces of guitar, going to a bank and then I woke up.

    I had to check it when I got up. Not the best way to wake up before work really

    Anyone else have crazy guitar related dreams?

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    On stage, not being able to remember any of the lyrics, angry audience. This used to be not just a dream...
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    I dream I have guitars that I don't really own.... then I wake up sad.

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    I have all kinds of anxiety dreams, that sometimes include guitars.
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