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Thread: Partial set-up?

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    Partial set-up?

    Happy Saturday, gang! And for my fellow college football fans, happy first football weekend!

    I've got what I hope is a quick, but two-part question for y'all - I just got a 408, which (no surprise) was expertly set up out of the factory. However, I intend to keep the guitar in E-flat (occasionally dropping it to dropped D-flat for a song or two). Part One of my question - should I send it to the PTC to be set up for E-flat, or will it survive well enough with the factory set-up?

    Part Two of my question - according to the PTC web site, a set-up includes a new nut. Given that I only got the guitar two or so weeks ago, I highly doubt it would really need the nut replaced. If I was to send it to the PTC, can they just do a "partial" set-up to get her right in E-flat, without replacing the nut or any of the other stuff that a brand new guitar wouldn't really need?

    As always, thanks for your insight!
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    I know the guitar will survive well enough to go back and forth from concert pitch to down a half step AND do drop D with both.

    However, with any stock guitar, and whenever its possible, I like to have Skitchy @ the PTC set up my guitar for the preferred tuning and strings and to 'fix' or correct any little problems I might have encountered. Usually it's a new guitar, and we are working the bugs out, so I am assuming he does not change out the nut. Give Shawn a call, he'll take care of you!

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    All you have to do is perhaps tweak the trussrod and tremolo springs alittle.PRS just a guitar,no magic here just because it cost more.Its very well built and very easy to maintenance.A workhorse type of guitar.To send guitar to custom shop for E-flat tuning is a waste of money if you ask me.

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