the dave navarro guitar is absolutley beautiful!!! but why cant i find a prs se custom double cutaway in white thats not a dave navarro model?! does he own the rights to that color?! i just dont get it. the only other white prs guitars i see are the single cutaway. and its really annoying. btw, i dont want the curved body style. i am just looking for a basic korean model. flat body, moon inlays, no special bells or whistles. i just want the same guitar i have, but in white. i am assuming they dont make this model in white? i simply dont want anyones signature name on it. even if it had silver or black hardware, id still take it.

do i have to custom order one in white? and how much would that cost? i just dont understand why they only come in a few colors. black, "blue", tobacco sunburst, or red sunburst, or gray.
this is the color i have.
this is the color i seek.

thanks guys and gals.