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Thread: Walk The Talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I can only dream of the day I get to solve a confrontation with a guitar duel or perhaps even a dance off, I have been preparing my whole life for such an event. There were all these movies I watched when I was growing up that offered the promise of getting the girl after doing the "L.A. Massacre" like in "Thrashin"... Consider yourself blessed!

    Is that Josh Brolin vs. the Alva skate team? Cool, but it's no Skateboard the Movie with Leif Garrett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! View Post
    A Dance off? I'd be happy to resolve the issue with Rock, Paper, Scissors.
    Seriously? It's 2013, dude - get with the program.

    Its Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock now.


    "I watched approximately 45 seconds of 'Rock Of Ages'. It was like getting punched in the soul." - Abby Krizner

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    Anyone heard of guitarist "cutiing heads". Read some folks mention music is not a competiotion and should not be, etc, etc. I agree 100 percent. Read some folks mention bands, music and bar fights. I dont like this either. Unfortunately, alcohol brings out the worst in many.

    Anyway, about competition. There are some places down South, mostly very small towns in Northern Louisiana and allot of Mississippi, where there is the occassional "cutting heads" show. Where bands, or mostly guitarist, compete to see who the crowd votes is the better gutarist. I dont know any guitarist who agrees with music being a competition, they just want the nice cash prize the winner gets. They also know the the winner may not truly be the better gutarist, just more popular. These places are real dives... some with the chicken wire stage fronts and all. Great places to hear the real delta blues. The cutting head shows get good sometimes also. I played a few for the money, But it is hard to get out of there without avoiding words, much less a fight, or getting gear stolen. All said the music played is seriously good most of the times.

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    Anyone else thinks that rock paper scissors is a game of good judgement and strategy, or am I just paranoid?
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    Not paranoid.

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