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Thread: I need a dealer...

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    I need a dealer...


    My dealer is no longer peddling PRS, so that leaves me currently without a pusher man.

    Recommendations? Doesn't necessarily need to be geographically close but I would like a more personal touch kinda cat. Preferably someone that will give me "guitar in hand" reviews and send pics from multiple angles etc.

    I'm just curious who y'all have dealt with and with whom you've had success. Not really looking for criticisms of any dealers, just the positive experiences please...

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    So many good ones. I can't really pick just one. I've had a great experience buying from Brent Moss. He really took care of an issue I had and made sure I was happy.
    Brian from Brian's Guitars put up the Forum Guitar for us. He definitely deserves some love, as does Jack Gretz, who put in so much effort on the "other" Forum Guitar.
    I'm sure a lot of the other guys are great too. I wish I had the funds to spread the love to all the dealers out there.

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    Jack Gretz is one of the finest, most straightforward, super-nice guys I've ever worked with on making sure I get the guitars I need for my work. I've been working with him on all of my PRS guitars for a dozen years, and that's a lot of guitars!

    If there's a problem, it's solved right away, period. Done. Taken care of, with a return phone call or email to let me know it's handled.

    We've developed a real friendship over the years, yet we've never met in person, which is a great shame! I owe you a visit/dinner, Jack! Maybe when the SC comes in...

    I think Brent's a very cool guy as well, and I base this simply on what a nice guy he is on forums.
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    I have only had dealing with Derek Morgan and John Mann both stand up guys
    That being said it seems you need to be something special as a dealer when PRS is your main business
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    Paul Schein at Washington Music Center (a.k.a. Chuck Levin's) has been very helpful to me in the past. I've also had good experiences with Wildwood Guitars (don't have a name to give you, sorry).

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    +1,000 for Paul Schein at Levin's Washington Music Center. Not only is he a cool dude, but he was ridiculously patient and gracious with me in the months-long run-up to my purchase. And when things started going "wrong" during the build, he was always on top of it. He has earned my business by being absolutely fantastic at his job. I can't rave enough!
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    I think the main PRS retailers are a considerable "step above" your typical dealers. I'm not really in anyone's "loop" but I haven't heard anything negative about any of them.
    I've bought most of my PRS guitars from Brent and one from Doug Diamond. Both were top notch IMHO.
    Good luck.


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    I'd reckon every dealer here is worth your time. It really just comes down to your preferences.
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    at The Guitar Shop Canada, Brian at The Guitar Sanctuary (formally at Chuck's WMC), Paul Schein at Chuck's, and Dave at Dave's Guitar Shop are all are very knowledgeable about everything PRS, and they're all great guys to work with.

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