Saw the Allman Brothers Band in the Atlanta area last night. Both Derek and Warren were rockin' PRS amps.

Warren had a Dallas head, PRS 4x12 bottom cab, and another (presumably) Dallas head. He also had a Diaz head, a Marshall bottom 4x12 cab, and an Ampeg cab in his rig.

Derek was all PRS: two heads, but instead of Paul's signature, they each had a custom Fender-style name plate with his kids' names. (The top one was Sophia, the bottom one was Charlie). Nice custom touch, I thought. The heads were on top of a PRS 4x12 bottom cab. He also had a 2x12 combo on top of a 2x12 extension cab. I've seen Derek several times over the years with his various bands and this was the best he's ever sounded.

I haven't seen many PRS amps on stage, so it was cool to see and hear how great they are.