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Thread: Bought a Custom 24 SE from GC

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    I am just too busy to go to GC right now but having that beautiful guitar just sitting there is more than I can take so last night I changed the strings counting on GC liberal return policy to keep me safe.
    The strings were most defiantly not 9s more like 11s the 9s i put on fit nicely in the nut slots with really low action, I had to lossen the claw screws by about 4 full turns to float the system at the specked 1/16 of an inch.

    After letting it sit over night the Low E and A strings still buzz, the E from the 5th fret to about the 10th.The neck appears to be dead straight so later today I will loosen the truss rod an 1/8 of a turn. I also see that the Low E saddle is all the way down(something that would never work with a Strat) if after the truss rod adjustment I still get buzzing I will raise it slightly. I suspect that adjusting the truss rod will fix the buzzing of the A string.

    Thanks for the well wishes of my Dad, having your parents age is no fun try to appreciate them while you have them.
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