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PRS does offer instrument, speaker and patch cables. Our cables are made for us in the UK by a company called Van Damme. They are a big player in the recording and live music industry. In fact Van Damme recently re-wired Abbey Road Studio B (the Beatles studio) and David Gilmore’s personal floating studio on the Thames with the exact same wire they supply for our cables.

Now I could try to impress you with information about double-annealed oxygen free copper and silver-plated elements, but I’d prefer to let your ears guide you. If both Gilmore and Paul Smith think these are the best sounding cables in the business, I think we may be on to something.
I've been using Mogami for years, but want to try some of the PRS/Van Dammes. I'll have to order some, one can never have to many cables anyway.

Well, unless you have all the cables from five 96 point patch bays left over from your former studio installation...