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Thread: What's your favorite instrument cable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn@PRS View Post
    PRS does offer instrument, speaker and patch cables. Our cables are made for us in the UK by a company called Van Damme. They are a big player in the recording and live music industry. In fact Van Damme recently re-wired Abbey Road Studio B (the Beatles studio) and David Gilmores personal floating studio on the Thames with the exact same wire they supply for our cables.

    Now I could try to impress you with information about double-annealed oxygen free copper and silver-plated elements, but Id prefer to let your ears guide you. If both Gilmore and Paul Smith think these are the best sounding cables in the business, I think we may be on to something.
    I've been using Mogami for years, but want to try some of the PRS/Van Dammes. I'll have to order some, one can never have to many cables anyway.

    Well, unless you have all the cables from five 96 point patch bays left over from your former studio installation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn@PRS View Post
    Hi Ke3ee, PRS Cables are available with either silent or standard connectors in either straight or right angle.

    Those connectors are wonderful. If you like to swap off guitars? Priceless - never have that big POP because you forgot to step on the volume pedal or go standby! I had one on a 60' Mogami demo cable and I still miss it! yes 60' - it was built because our Bass player couldn't get though a gig without his wireless going out and he'd yank anything shorter out in the first 5 minutes! Funny thing is 5 years later, i went to see him play with another band - wireless died during the set while I was there! Some things never change...

    Quote Originally Posted by prsrocker1988 View Post
    Monster Rock in Gold.

    I used to have cables die on me left and right - no cable would last more than I week. I tried 'em all. I won't list brands but you can name 'em and I've tried 'em. Monsters are the only ones that last and have lasted me 2 years now and they have a lifetime warranty. But prior to the Monsters I was breaking cables left and right. I think having the big diameter cable and sturdy connectors helps keep me from breaking them. I had to find the same thing for my earbud headphones. Don't know why but for some reason I break them. I'm not that rough on them - it's just with me it seems cables are prone to breaking.

    Also the tone of the Monsters I noticed was clearer than what I had used in the past.
    I have one of the GOLD ROCK MONSTER - only cable I've not killed. Lifetime warranty - yes - but the best part is not having to USE the warranty! The cable is stiff..

    I like connectors above so when GC came out with the new Live Wire Elite with a SIMILAR connector - I bought one - I'm now on NUMBER 3. Didn't cost me but it's still a PITA to have to exchange them.
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    I am so digging the 'George L' cables right now.

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    I'm using monster cable too, its well built but its not the most mind blowing purchase. I just got fed up with cheap cables

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