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Thread: NGD! '08 DGT goldtop with OLD birdies!!!

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    NGD! '08 DGT goldtop with OLD birdies!!!

    I have a few "bucket list" guitars, and one of them has always been an early goldtop DGT with the original birds. Rumor has it that only 15-20 of these were ever made, and I've only seen 3-4 of them in the wild. I know where two of them live, and the owners aren't letting them go any time soon.

    So when I stumbled across one that was up for sale from an old BaM acquaintance, I had to pounce!! Got it on Tuesday and it needed some TLC to get it back up and ready to roll...but it doesn't have a single mark on it!! The neck on the early ones have always felt more comfortable to me, so I'm really enjoying playing this one!

    EDIT: This one has a mfg date of 5/23/08, for those who may be interested.

    Now for the guitar porn!!

    Full frontal:

    OLD BIRDS!!!!

    Beautiful mahogany back:

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