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Thread: Incoming teaser!

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    New Blackbird Guitar Day!

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    Oooo....more please!
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    Ah-ha! So it was you! Congrats man, put some dings in that sucker! (should you ever decide to sell)

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    Guilty! But now I have to sell my VY CE22.

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    Cool! But may I ask, why sell it? :O

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    So this thing is a '97 CE22 with an original factory one-off maple neck and board with black birds. The neck has a really interesting feel, wide/fat profile but with a really pronounced C shape that almost feels like a slight V. Kind of different. This guitar has quite a history too, as it has been owned by Todd, Z and Howard Leese. I managed to find a pic of Howard with the guitar in a Bad Company show. I have yet to finds pics of Todd or Z with it though

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    That is ubercool. Love the TRC...
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    That is amazing!! Dibs?

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    Very cool! love the black finish with matching black birds! The maple neck looks sweet too.

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    Sweet catch.

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