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Thread: Mid 90's Artist Limited? Help!

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    Mid 90's Artist Limited? Help!

    I had someone offer a trade on another forum. They have a either a 94 or 95 Artist Limited (LTD) model and I have to say I have no idea what it is. Artist and limitied are tough search terms on this forum because they come back with lots of results but none that are relevant to what I need. Can anyone offer any insight to what this guitar might be. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Artist Limited:

    Made 1994-95

    BRW Fingerboard
    Paua Purfling
    MOP Eagle on Headstock
    14 Carat Gold Birds
    Artist Treble & Artist Bass pups
    Limited Edition of 200 (but only 165 made)


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    That looks like something I might want to have. Very cool.

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    IMO, the Artist 3s, limteds and 10th anniversaries are the best sounding/looking/feeling guitars PRS has ever made. Especially if its the semi hollow/trems. You may want a pup change, but thats it.

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