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Thread: Rush Classic Albums - PRS amp sighting!

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    Rush Classic Albums - PRS amp sighting!

    So I was watching the Rush 2112 Classic albums doc today and lo and behold, there is a paisley PRS head on Alex's Marsh... cab during his demonstration of the various pieces of 2112.

    Sorry if this has been noticed before, but I thought it was cool. I assume it was some variant of the 25th Anniversary/HXDA since he was trying to get a sound similar to what he used during that period?

    Wish Alex was still in the PRS family....not sure if he plays out his CE's anymore like he did in the 90s...

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    The latest concert DVD still has him playing a PRS during part of the set. I was not able to catch the summer tour, so I do not know if it still in the stable.

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    Here's another thread about Lifeson's gear and such... check it out!
    ~ Matt

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