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Thread: SE Angelus, what is it comparable to?

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    SE Angelus, what is it comparable to?

    I have been trying to find one of these to play but have had no luck. I did have the opportunity to play the high end models (oh sweet Jesus they sound amazing). So I was wondering how the SE's stack up and what are they comparable to? Any information is greatly appreciated!

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    I've only played the Angelus Custom, and find it easily better than the Taylor 2 series and Martin X-Series. (similar prices from where i am from) Note this is my opinion. If I didn't own a really nice Martin I would definitely give this a look.
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    I played a cutaway a week ago. I'd easily put it up against a 400 series Taylor in tone and playability. It was much more clear and articulate than I expected (and remembered from a roadshow PRSh and crew did out here last year). I really think it plays so far out of it's price get that you have to look at much more expensive guitars to find a level comparison.

    I didn't plug it in, so. I cannot comment on the electronics.

    Good luck!

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    I've got the SE Custom and agree with Egads. Best bang for the buck around - no contest! Electronics are fine also!

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