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    Paul Reed Smith Power Amp

    I chatted with Doug a little bit about it, but how many of you would be interested in a PRS power amp? Now adays a lot of us are using preamps like the Fractal AxeFX but enjoy having it backed up by a tube poweramp. I personally use a VHT 2/50/2 in my rig right now which I love, but there is no doubt in my mind that Doug could create something just as good in the same price bracket to compete with VHT/Freyette.

    Some points I highlighted were

    - Least amount of tonal coloring
    - Weight
    - Presence/Depth controls

    I think $1700 for a VHT power amp is a little steep, when PRS are turning out hand wired, complete amplifiers for decently less!
    Paul Reed Smith 7 - S t r i n g A c t i v i s t | Fueled by P T C

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    i have a Mesa Boogie 20/20 power amp and a Boogie 2:90 the 2:90 has some weight to it. the 20/20 sounds great and is 1 rack space and i use it around half way up with a full band running 2-4x12 cabs. i think weight is the biggest issue. i would love to see a 100 watt El-34 or a 6l6 90 or a 100 watt. no bigger than 2 rack spaces

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