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Thread: Prs Brent Mason

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    Prs Brent Mason

    Just took delivery of a brent mason....trying to do the intial set up ie, neck relief, action, intonation, pick-up heights...

    PRS says that from the factory all PRS guitars are set up with pick-up heights set as: 6/64 on the bass side and 5/64 treble side

    is anyone setting pickup heights different...

    I also noticed that if I want equal volume between pick-ups I am forced to use these measurements because the middle pick-up does not look like it can be adjusted and is set to said specs above, so if I changed the heights of the 408 humbuckers those would either be softer or louder than the middle pickup...

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    I can't answer wrt the Brent mason pickup configuration, but basically: do what you like, factory is a preset/default, not necessarily what everyone else wants.

    Oh, and pics or it didn't happen!

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    Congrats. I've been jonesing for one for a while. Unless something has chanced, you use the two screws on the ends of the single coil pup to adjust it. Shouldn't be a problem.

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    Those Masons are so nice! Congrats.

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    I think the pickup adjustment is a "to taste" kind of thing. You can always experiment with height and bring them back into spec if it results in the middle pickup being too loud or too soft in comparison.

    Super nice guitar, enjoy it and let's see some pics.
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    Make sure to measure the pickups before you move them to be sure that's where they are actually set(obviously must be done before you mess with the action or truss rod). I always measure EVERYTHING before I start making adjustments, just so I know where things are truly at. Pickup heights are totally a taste thing. With hotter pickups, I end up setting them a hair lower than the PRS spec. Personally, I start with the bridge pickup on my high gain tone and set it as high as I can without getting feedback or squeals and squawks. I do this at my normal band rehearsal volume/settings. After that is set, I adjust everything else accordingly to get even volumes(or where I want to hear them).

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