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Thread: Gov't Mule, Conan, & PRS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekunda View Post
    I didn't get the hookup till after Woody... my first was "By A Thread" but buying everything I can find now! I think "Dose" is by far my fav... great stuff!
    Oh man! I think Dose is the best overall, but the self-titled album has such awesome raw energy. After Woody died, the Deepest End albums are great. After that, they moved on as a quartet and lost most of the fire. They're still capable of brilliant moments, but they come less often than back in the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMoonsRJT View Post
    Why choose just one?

    I think I have a shot from over the weekend of The Allman's playing Jones Beach...i didn't go....but my band's singer did....PRS amps were in force....If I can find em I'll post.
    I have a thread going in the amp forum about that very topic.

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    I'm looking forward to the new Mule album on Sept. 24th... It will be joining the collection along with the new Dream Theater the same day. I love new music days!
    ~ Matt

    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Son, the HX/DA is a man's amp. One channel, not two, 50 watts of red hot glass crankin' out a tone that's big's big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaren View Post
    Uhhhh...cause it's Marshall??
    Totally. I have a buddy with a Jubilee, if I could pry it out of his hands I'd be set for life.

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