So the wife and I go out for date night tonight instead of our usual Friday because she worked at home today. Had to drop off the paperwork for her handicap placard, stop at Sam's Club for some stuff for our daughter, and my wife decided she was in the mood for Applebee's tonight. Haven't been there in a long time.

They take us to a table that's back by the wall where they display pictures of the local teams - school teams, not pro. I saw a picture from a girls' soccer game and thought it was too bad they didn't do that back when my son was in high school. I told my wife I was going to wash my hands and stopped dead in my tracks. There was a picture of a boys game - from the year my son was the starting goalie (he got screwed in his senior year when the coach was more interested in appeasing his "star" by playing his friend in goal instead - all bias aside, my son was the better keeper, and they finished second in their section when they should have won, but that's all another story). My son wasn't the focus of the picture, but was clearly visible.

I grabbed my iPhone, snapped a picture of the picture and sent it to him.

Why "sort of cool"? No response from the boy. So I sent him another text and said, "No response?" He said, "You sent me a picture of that when you were there before." I did? I have zero recollection of it - same as my wife. He later qualified it and said, "You sent me something about a soccer picture." There was another picture of a teammate of his that was in a place more likely to be seen, so I think that might have been it.

So: mom, dad - cool. Son - eh.