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Thread: Strange behavior from tone knob

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    Strange behavior from tone knob

    I have a 2010 Cu22 Soapy that I bought new a few months ago. Great guitar and I love everything about it. However, I noticed a strange anomaly with the tone control. When the bridge pickup is on by itself, as I roll back the tone knob the volume decreases significantly (along with the high end, naturally). It doesn't do this, at least not to a noticeable level, on any of the other pickup positions. Also, both the volume & tone controls spin very freely with almost no resistance, like I could breathe on them and they'd move. Is this normal? Anyone else notice similar behavior with their guitars?

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    I've noticed a larger than expected impact on volume when rolling the tone on a couple of mine - but only at modest volumes. I don't turn the tone very often when playing, so it doesn't bother me much.

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    I wish I had a P90 equipped PRS so I could give you insight, but I don't. Ideally someone with the same guitar or at least another model with the same pickups can chime in if their guitar does the same.

    As far as pot resistance, PRS pots are known for being super smooth and easy to turn. So I wouldn't be surprised if yours are operating normally.

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