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Thread: Hollowbody and 24.5" scale?

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    Hollowbody and 24.5" scale?

    There are so many models in PRS's lineup over the years that I've just never heard about let alone seen since I'm a fairly recent convert. Wondering if any of the HB models came in 24.5" scale vs. 25" scale and if so, what year/model.
    Thanks in advance!
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    None that I'm aware of yet this time of the year I am still hopeful.
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    245 scale and hollow? I wonder. I'd rock one. I know that.
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    They haven't done one yet, but as a Hollowbody lover i would have to say i would love this. There is something about the little bit of fight that the 25" gives you that is nice, but it would be a nice "Something Different" to add to my HBs.
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    Oh this would be PRS perfection!
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