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Thread: Three way toggle vs. slider

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    I dislike the slider so much, I made this for a Mira I used to own. I know, It's not perfect. But it was for me only.

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    For live use the F-style slider is better for me. I can tell from the corner of my eye how many clicks I need to go to get to the sound I want, and a slider that has gotten some use over the years will not get accidentally bumped and "boing" into the middle position.

    Weirdly, as much as I thought the 5-position rotary was a dumb idea when I first tried a PRS, I kinda dig it now. Mostly because I cannot possibly knock it into another position (I tend to be kind of rough on stage.) While I wish I could glance down and think "after the chorus I need to flick it two positions to get the sound for the breakdown in the third verse" in practice I have learned to keep in my head what position I have for each part of each song and just grab-n-click.

    If I'm playing a Lester or such, I'm gonna always be banging the toggle into the wrong position, and I won't remember if I push-pulled a pot.

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    I prefer the toggle, but I can work with either. Toggle's just quicker and I like the positioning better. For some reason, the face of my guitar tends to angle away from me and the blade is harder to see...

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    Slider, I really like sliders but I don't like 5 ways on just 2 humbuckers...

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    The toggle is almost mandatory on my guitars.

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    I picked "don't care" 'cause I'm Rotary 4 Life Yo!

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    I prefer "Toggling"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Duncan View Post
    For the most part I think I post in a vacuum.
    the question is...does the vacuum turn on with a toggle...or slider???
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    I'm with Les on this, like both ( but slider is more normal as I started out on Fenders )
    The slider and the mini toggles on the 408 work great for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Either works for me, too.

    The slider is closer to the picking hand, and ergonomically superior to anything else (for me). But I like the toggle on some guitars.

    What I don't really like (for ergonomic reasons) is a pull-up or push-pull knob. The pull-ups are sometimes difficult to grasp, and with the push-pull it can be a little hard to remember where you were when you last put the guitar away, etc.

    But for me this kind of stuff is secondary to the other features of the guitar.
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    On PRS, I like the toggles more, makes them look more classic and not to mention, more fitting of a humbucker guitar. But on a Fender, the slider works for me, because I couldn't stand seeing a toggle on a Strat!

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    Yeah but a 3-way with pp isn't the same as the 5 way blade. The 5-way is similar to the 5-way rotary's selections with the inner and outer coils in series and parallel etc. Isnt the 3-way just the regular bass, treble, and both?...and then with each bucker splitable? That is a lot different than the 3-way. Apples and oranges.

    I thought I hated the 5-way rotary. I couldn't get a good grip on it when my hands are soaked with sweat, thought it ridiculous and cheap for an outfit like PRS to use "left-over" vol and tone knobs that go to ten...for a 5 position selector, could never really tell where you were and going to where you want to be was a bit of a crapshoot in mid tune.
    I always wished they had come out with a fender style 5 position blade...UNTIL I got my Studio. Completely different positions than the 5-way with 2 humbuckers but I thought...AWESOME...about TIME! I liked it's functionality and position but then I started to miss the rotary. I think it was mostly cosmetic. To me a PRS just looks much more legit without a gaping slice and exposed screws right on the control area of the top.

    SO...when a 5-way blade is compared to a 5-way rotary (apples to apples configuration wise)...I think I prefer the old rotary selector...cosmetically at least for SURE. Functionally I'd probably have to go with the blade.
    If you don't care about the possibilities and configurations you get from a 5-way with 2 buckers on a PRS, THEN the 3-way toggle with pp enters the picture. But I suppose there's no reason you couldn't wire a 3-way pp configured the same as the PRS 5-way. Becomes a bit of a PITA on a 3 pickup guitar though.

    I have the 3-way + pp on my Studio and I agree...pulling that thing up with sweaty fingers, in a hurry in the middle of a tune...yeah..that can be frustrating.

    Guess I'm comfortable with either and it all depends on what configurations I want to be able to access...EASILY and QUICKLY.

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    I tend to be OK with either, but as mentioned above there's been times we're I've forgotten to switch the push/pull pot to the needed position for the next tune in the set - don't realize it until you hit that first note - oops!

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    I prefer the 5-way blade switch. All the tones of the rotary but much easier to switch to on the fly without having to actually grip and turn anything. Can't get the same tones from the McCarty setup as you can with the rotary, but with a 5-way blade all the tones of the rotary are available. Seems like a no-brainer to me, plus 3-way toggles seem to die more frequently in my experience, so I'm good with the addition of blade switches recently.

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    Slider is much easier&faster to use. Mccarty style Toggle is a bit inconvenient because it's located too far away from picking hand movement (unlike the toggle on les paul).
    Rotary is a failed design IMO. Looks cool, but impossible to switch fast on it. Maybe cool for casual noodling but difficult to switch during a song.

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    I have both - the Toggle with Sig Switching and Slider with push pull tone pot on my P22. I can and do play with either but the Slider doesn't have the positive feel, there is some overtravel going to the Bridge PU - I just dont like the feel of the

    Toggle with the Sig Mini Switches for coil Spliting is my favorite!

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    I like both...... really I am in the 'either of those but not the 5-Way rotary' club. Always thought the rotary looked neat and tidy, but don't find it easy to flick to like teh others.

    I usually choose between the blade and toggle depending on whether I am channeling a superstrat vibe or a classic LP type vibe..... but really I am easy with eitehr of those two.

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    I prefer the toggle, but also like the blade. what I don't like is where PRS have it on most of their guitars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aduayer View Post
    I prefer the toggle, but also like the blade. what I don't like is where PRS have it on most of their guitars.
    I agree. The trem arm on my guitar gets in the way too often for me to be able to switch really quick and any other position for the trem arm is also inconvenient for me. If I'm going to be switch pickups a lot in one song, I opt for the traditional 3-way toggle.
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    HATE HATE HATE the slider.

    The 5-way is the perfect PRS aesthetic to me. I love it, but yes, it is slightly troublesome to use in live settings. Worth it for the look alone for me. The toggle I use on three of my PRSs and while not as pretty to me as the 5-way, it is much more functional. Can put up with the look, just not in love with it.

    .....the slider....I really despise. IMO, it just kills the PRS look for me. Evolution in design is always going to happen, and in the sake of PRS, has typically been a good thing. But to me, the slider looks totally out of place on a PRS. Most....for some, like the 513 and 305, it makes sense. But on the Customs....oh no. No no no no no. Please go back to the toggles and 5-ways.

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