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Thread: Three way toggle vs. slider

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    5 way rotary

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoofarted View Post
    HATE HATE HATE the slider.

    The 5-way is the perfect PRS aesthetic to me. I love it, but yes, it is slightly troublesome to use in live settings. Worth it for the look alone for me. The toggle I use on three of my PRSs and while not as pretty to me as the 5-way, it is much more functional. Can put up with the look, just not in love with it.

    .....the slider....I really despise. IMO, it just kills the PRS look for me. Evolution in design is always going to happen, and in the sake of PRS, has typically been a good thing. But to me, the slider looks totally out of place on a PRS. Most....for some, like the 513 and 305, it makes sense. But on the Customs....oh no. No no no no no. Please go back to the toggles and 5-ways.
    Looks aside for the moment, as that's a very personal thing and means more to some folks than others, the problem with the toggle and the pull-up knob is it requires two movements on two controls. That's not as fast and simple in mid-tune as one switch. And the 5-way knob, that we all agree is the cleanest looking solution, is the least ergonomic to deal with during a song. Ergonomically, the blade switch is a better thing.

    My guess is that PRS got feedback from its endorsers and from many players over the years before making this move. I honestly think it was the right thing to do.

    It was a good one for the player, but it's certainly not surprising that die-hard old school PRS fans might prefer the prettier/more traditional solution to the one that works better.

    On the other hand, I'm a die-hard old school PRS fan since 1991, and I prefer the toggle or blade, so...I dunno. LOL!
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    Toggle guy. My first guitar was an SG and I've played Les Pauls for years and other Gibsons. It's just what I'm use to. I'm not a Strat guy (although sometimes I've had to use them). That said, I'm glad it's a slider now instead of a rotary. My #1 PRS had one and I removed it in favor of a 3 way and a push pull tone pot for coil splitting, which is more what I'm used to. I need fast pickup changes. Maybe you lose some versatility, but it makes up for it with simplicity and functionality.

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    Ya know....I was a strat player all my life until 8 or 9 years ago when I got my first PRSs. I always wanted to love Les Pauls..well I did/do LOVE them..their looks and tone but I could just never bond with playing one though I still try just about every year and buy one..hoping, but nope.
    OK so I never was a Les Paul player. Played strats. Got a CE with rotary and a McSoapy with 3-way toggle.
    I got used to the rotary but never played the McSoapy much cause of it's WF neck...I like WT.

    I realize now that I never really felt 1 million % comfortable with the strats' 5-way blades...their location mainly I think? I jus didn't "like" having to switch pups mid-song.
    Though it was hard to know where you were and exactly where you'd end-up when you cranked on the 5-way least it was easy to find and crank on.
    When I think back, the times I DID play the McSoapy, I didn't look forward to switching pups because iirc, the switch just seemed a little awkward to "find".

    In 2011 I got the Studio with it's 5-way blade and push pull. I liked the idea of the blade but I instantly found it a little difficult to "reach". The volume knob is also hard to do swells with or just control with your pinky unless you dislocate it at the second knuckle and contort it around the trem arm. The whole set-up seems a little "un-ergonomic" for my hands at least. Trying to pull that tone pot up mid-song also isn't the most natural move for me.

    In May I got the first Les Paul I was ever able to bond with...except it's the Tremonti SE Custom lol. My first keeper SC and it has a les paul style layout. I think the vols and tones aren't laid out in the same order as a Paul but the pots are in the same place and the toggle is up on the upper bout like a Paul. Even though the switch is further from where you'd think your strumming/picking hand "rests" or sits when you play. it's SO much more visible and easy to reach, use, hit, find, SEE, read, actuate, switch, flick, whack...

    Cosmetics and even comfort are subjective and can be personal. No one can tell YOU what looks better to you or what feels or works best for you but for/to me, the blade doesn't look/seem "right" on a PRS. I don't love the functionality of the rotary but I might prefer it to the blade because it looks better (to me) and is easier (for me) to find than the blade. I much prefer the Les Paul style/location 3-way toggle when it comes to "switching". I am NOT an huge fan of the McCarty's 3-way and I don't think I'd like a 5-way rotary replaced with a toggle and push pull on a CU, CE etc.


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    I voted 5 way blade because I like the options available. I have both toggle and blade but not a rotary which I have never tried but believe I wouldn't care for. I would fumble around too much to make rotary work. I would love my cu24 to have P/P tone pot so I could split p-ups by themselves. I think the studio is like that. That would be the ultimate.

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