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Thread: DGT volume controls...

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    DGT volume controls...

    What happens when the DGT toggle is in the middle position & you roll just ONE volume to off/zero? Does the entire signal cut out like some Gibson guitars? Or, do you have complete flexibility & blending control like on a Fender Jazz bass? thanks...

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    Total outage. No sound. You can blend very well, just can't kill either totally without losing sound.



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    Hmmm, not what I expected to hear with all the raves about the blending tonal variety. Is there a video demo anywhere portraying how the volume knobs interact with each other? Do the pickups blend to the point where you can still pick out whats going on at all volume levels? My Epi 335-Pro goes to one pickup soloed almost as soon as I start rolling a volume knob. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the 2 volume/1 tone layout & I'm not near any DGT guitars to play (unless anyone reading this is close to the greater Fayetteville, AR area).

    Are there names for the different types of volume wiring methods? Gibson method? Jazz bass method?

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    There is a way to rewire a two-volume-control guitar to enable total independence on both controls. I'm not electronically savvy enough to know how to do it, but it can be done--there's probably a wiring diagram on line somewhere. Premier Guitar, maybe? They do a regular column on wiring mods.

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