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Thread: 2014 20th Anniversary McCarty---

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    2014 20th Anniversary McCarty---

    Now that I have your attention! LOL

    I got to thinking...there is no McCarty in the core lineup right now...

    And 2014 will be the 20th anniversary of this very significant model in PRS history.

    Do you think we'll be treated to a special 20th Ann edition or has the McCarty run it's course?

    Personally...I'd love to have a McCarty Goldtop with a trem, original birds on the new pattern neck shape.

    What are your thoughts???

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    The closest thing to what you want would be a DGT...
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    I think the McCarty has run it's course, IMO the 408 is the spiritual successor.

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    love my 2 mccarty's, and if they never come back, at least there's enough used one's floating around we'll always have some available.

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    As great as Paul's connection with Ted was, I'm thinking we'll at least see a limited run of something. Maybe a 24.5" scale.

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    I don't know if PRS would come out with a commemorative model, but whoever said the DGT is the answer to what you want is right on.
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