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    DG Custom 30

    I set a limit of one for what I could purchase at experience. Could have been a strap or a key chain...or a guitar...or whatever. I have to admit though that I really had my mind set before hand though.

    I was happy to see that these things were actually available for cash and carry.'d look better if I got the cab too, but I have lots of cab options (including the MDT 2x12 wit V30s). Evidently the DG cabs are different construction (without a baffle for example) but I had that one-thing limit after all. Besides, I had a feeling that I'd really like it with a pair of Blues...

    I tried it out with a bunch of speaker combinations, and to me, I liked it best with my Vox2x12 with blues and with a Marshall 1960BHW with the 55Hz greenbacks of all things.

    Interestingly, this amp is nothing like I expected. I went in wanting it because I figure if Grissom was involved it would ooze tone...but I figured it would be yet another flavor of Plexi tone. OK by me if that were the case. I'm sort of stupid that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was described as a cross between a Vox and a Trainwreck. Not sure that's entirely true, but I don't have any experience with Trainwrecks in person so I can't say for sure on that part. It's way more chimey than the MDT or HXDA (or any plexi-like amp) but it has a VERY aggressive crunch.

    Only had just a bit of time with it so far, so I'll wait until I get to know it more before commenting too much. The most obvious standout though is that the 30W version is just right for gigging in clubs. Volume dimed and master at 3/4 with top cut centered and boost engaged puts the amp exactly where I want it to be. The amp isn't for high gain players who want to get their gain from the amp, but after a bit of playing around, it takes to the OCD and PlimSoul way better than any other PRS amp I have or have tried. And, the amp cleans up better than any PRS amp that I have or have tried with the volume dimed using the guitar volume. Initial impression is two thumbs waaay up. Anyway, a couple more pics...

    And evidently the guys at guitar sanctuary snagged DG and got him to sign the amps...which is a cool touch...
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