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Thread: P22 Trem or P24 Trem?

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    P22 Trem or P24 Trem?

    So I'm looking to finally step up from a PRS SE, and I'm considering several guitars, but the P22 Trem is looking like the most favorable choice for me.

    Does anyone have an experience with either of these? My friend is pushing me towards the 24 fret version, but I don't think it's really necessary.

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    I just got my P24 Trem about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I went with the 24 fret model because I've played a Custom 24 for the past 13 years and that's just what is most familiar to me. Also, I do require 24 frets for a couple of licks on some cover songs I play.

    My P24 weighs in at 7.74 pounds. I send the piezo output to a Marshall AS100D and the humbuckers to my Mesa or Marshall.

    I could not be any happier with this guitar. I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but I see me using this as my primary guitar for a long time!

    You will not go wrong with either of these. Check out my NGD post from last week for pics. Happy shopping!
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    Boils down to where you prefer the neck pickup to be IMO and whether or not the extra 2 frets would be useful. Even some of those who do not use the 23/24 frets prefer the tone of the neck pickup with more clarity and brightness as opposed to the fat and smooth tones from the neck HB on a 22-fret guitar. That is the primary difference between the two guitars, the other being pickups which can be switched anyways if you want something different than stock. But, you can't move the location of the neck pickup and that will determine the voicing of any pickup that is installed in the guitar, stock or not.

    If you like the sound of the neck pickup on a LP or a 335, I would go with the P22. If you find the neck pickups on those guitars to be mushy, unclear, or overly fat, chances are you will be happier with the P24. I have always preferred the 22 fret PRS models myself as that warm, smooth neck pickup sound mattered more to me than the possible benefit of 2 extra frets, but its up to the individual.
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    I would prefer the P24, because I use those two extra frets on my CU24. But, as others have mentioned, the relative location of the pickup can affect tone.

    Have you compared a CU22 and a CU24 side-by-side in person? Most B&M stores should have at least the SE versions available for comparison - it won't be the same as P22 vs P24, but would be something of your own experience to go by, rather than all of our opinions. That might help sway you: you might like one tone vs the other, or might not care about that and really prefer 24 frets (or find the extra two frets useless).

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    I love my P22, and route the piezo through a good DI and in to the PA, with the 53/10s going to my pedalboard and whichever amp. I love the flexibility and tones available.

    All above are correct about the pickup placement making a difference to the tone. I, personally, think it makes a pretty large difference. It may also cause you some adjustment if you switch between 22 and 24 fret guitars in a gig (it sometimes really throws me off!).

    All that said, if you need 24 frets, ignore the rest of the debate and get the 24 frets.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

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    maestromatt i pmed you!

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