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Thread: Best three minutes in a movie

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    [QUOTE]Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.../QUOTE]

    Hard to argue this one! I think of it EVERY TIME I hear "Moving in Stereo"

    Several 3 minute bursts in Pulp Fiction... But that movie is an acquired taste.

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    From Dusk Till Dawn - Selma Hayek + snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmund View Post
    From Dusk Till Dawn - Selma Hayek + snake.
    I'll see you and raise you the scene in "Bandidas" when Selma AND Penelope are framing Steve Zahns character with the photographer... Daaaammnnn!

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    I can't believe no-one has mentioned Alec Baldwin....and the famous "Always Be Closing" speech from "Glengarry Glen Ross".....


    I imagine this is how Paul rallies his staff on Monday mornings in Stevensville.....LOL

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    Oh.....and this one......

    Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken.....from "True Romance"....

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    Sorry to hijack this thread....but it's quite fun....I love movie quotes.

    This isn't a movie...but it's from HBO's "The Newsroom"......billed as the most honest three minutes in television.

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    The "Who would like to hold my clipboard?" scene from Better Off Dead. "You'll make a fine little helper- what's your name?" "Charles Dumar." "Shut up geek."
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    The scene in Pulp Fiction when Samual L. and Travolta are cleaning out the car after Marvin gets shot in the face has always been one of my favorites....."I'm a mushroom cloud layin' motha' f**ka, motha' f**ka"

    Also, the lawnmower scene in Dead Alive is pretty awesome, if you're into gory horror movies and all that....
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