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    This Kinda Sucks

    The hotel in which my favourite local haunt is located is shutting down for at least six months. Evidently, there are new owners and they are commencing with a compete gut renovation. Want to take it "uptown" and work is set to start just after Thanksgiving (in about three weeks). They are closing the entire hotel and laying off all the staff. This is a decent hotel and the bar is nice already, but more importantly, it's really the only place in town that features live music of my vintage. From what I hear, they are going to take out the restaurant and the bar will at least double in size. I have a bad feeling that when it re-opens it's going to be a Sports Bar (yuck) or a DJ Bar (more yuck), man, we have enough of those places, and the music will be long gone. It would be a real shame ... this bar has been supporting live music forever, a real tradition. It will definitely be different. Hopefully I'm wrong and it will come back better than ever.
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