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Thread: My thanks to the great state of Maryland

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    My thanks to the great state of Maryland

    I dunno if I am still welcome here, but I know a lot of you guys are from Maryland. I want to say many,many thanks to you Marylanders. As many of you might know I am a professional mariner and I was having a lot of beaurocratic probems from the Coast Guard board of licensing. I have a spotless record and met every requirement but was refused my 3rd mate. Someone suggested I write a letter to a Maryland congressman. I did, and even though I live in Florida, his office treated me like I was a constituent. I recieved my credential within 10 days...Thank you Marylanders...Thank you. I dont mean for this post to be political at all.

    I hope every one is in good health, my palsy is almost eradicated.


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    Glad things worked out for you. They do seem to do a great job with personal issues.

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