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Thread: Protecting Paul Reed Smith's signature on a back plate cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRob View Post
    Where will you ever get another? He told me he hates signing them and crushed my hopes of getting one.
    That's odd - he was gracious when I asked him to sign my blue Tremonti and signed it right away. With a blue Sharpie. Somewhere - I'm having trouble finding it now, but it's probably the light...

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    I can report that I lightly sprayed the back-plates on my guitar (one signed by Paul and the other by David Grissom) with Rustoleum Lacquer. These were signed with paint pens. I am very happy with the results. This allows me to keep the signed plates on the guitar, where they should be. Thanks Les for your suggestion. I plan to spray a couple of others, as well.

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    Hello Ampguy, take a look here:
    Nice guitar, bye!

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    I know it's too late for this question, but food for thought:

    I have Paul sign all my back plates on the inside. I know the sig is there, and it will be a surprise for the next owner down the road.
    Another option is to buy Private Stocks (Paul's sig will be on the headstock) :>)))
    Also, at any meet & greet with PRS (and at Experience signings) Paul will sign most anything you show up with. You might even get some commentary on what you brung. My brother was advised to send his sweet 16 back for the newest mod last week.

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